Java Training

Java Training in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

If you observe the trends in the technology training industry, it becomes clearly evident that more and more students and professionals are opting for this course in Chennai and Bangalore. The main reason that can be attributed to this sudden inclination towards this technology is the usefulness of the technology in variegated business areas. Chennai and Bangalore are also among the top destinations for companies looking for certified professionals in Java. Therefore, it is the right time for a student looking to undertake the Java training in Jayanagar, Bangalore course and get placed in top MNCs. Besant Technologies is the authorized Oracle training center for Java Courses. Learn Java from Besant technologies and get a certificate from Oracle.

What is Java?

Java is an essential programming language and a computing platform that allows the user to develop complex applications and programs conveniently. There are several applications on the web that will not work unless the user has Java installed on their system. First released by Sun Microsystems in 1995, Java is an object-oriented language which is very similar to C++.

Why Java?

Learning Java ensures that the student gets placed without any difficulty. Java opens up the world of programming and developing the application. Apart from an added skillset, the student can also reap the benefits of Java certification professionally. Professionals who are certified in Java get better job opportunities and higher salary compared to other programmers. For a web-based company, Java professionals are essential. You should opt for this technology as there is barely any technology around us that do not use Java as a platform.

How we, at Besant Technologies, help you?

Besant Technologies is the subsidiary of Bdreamz Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd that caters clients like IBM, Infosys, Cognizant, and more. Through our parent company, we have become experienced in the technology learning space and know which topics can help you in a real job. Our trainers are pioneers in the implementation of Java. They use their experience and technical acumen to impart the most up-to-date industry knowledge. We use real-time projects to teach you the practical aspects of Java. Our trainers use intuitive methods that can be understood by the most technologically unaware students with easy. Come take our Java training in Jayanagar, Bangalore and secure your future.

Do you need training in Java?

Java is a highly useful programming language; it does not just validate your technical skills but offers several tangible benefits that heighten your knowledge of understanding the different programming languages. The sheer number of students opting for the course must be evidence enough of the popularity of the course among students and professionals alike. If a student is looking to make a serious career in programming and desires to become a developer. Java training in Jayanagar, Bangalore is the best option for them.

Job Opportunities for Java Experts

Post the completion of the Java training in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore with us, a student or a professional can expect to get immediately placed. Our certification stands a level above others because we are a certified trainer of Java by the developer of the technology - Oracle. There are mainly two types of Oracle Java Programmer certification - Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). After completing these courses, an aspirant can expect to occupy top positions in multinationals such as Software Developer, Java Developer, Java Web Developer, Java Web Master, Web Software Development, Android Developer, and many more.

Java Training

We provide the best and the most industry recognized Java training in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore. Our students are known to spearhead the job interview because of the comprehensive knowledge that we provide on Java and its application.

Java Training Syllabus

A First Look

  • A Simple Java Class
  • Java's "Hello World" Program

Java Basics

  • Language and Platform Features
  • Program Life Cycle
  • The Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

Class and Object Basics

  • The Object Model and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Classes, References, and Instantiation
  • Adding Data to a Class Definition
  • Adding Methods (Behavior)

More on Classes and Objects

  • Accessing data, the "this" variable
  • Encapsulation and Access Control, public and private Access
  • Constructors and Initialization
  • static Members of a Class
  • Scopes, Blocks, References to Objects

Flow of Control[briefly due to attendee experience

  • Branching: if, if-else, switch
  • Iteration: while, do-while, for, break, continue

Strings and Arrays

  • String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder
  • Arrays, Primitive Arrays, Arrays of Reference Types
  • varargs


  • Package Overview - Using Packages to Organize Code
  • import statements
  • Creating Packages, package Statement, Required Directory Structure
  • Finding Classes, Packages and Classpath

Composition and Inheritance

  • Using Composition to Deal With Complexity
  • Composition/HAS-A, Delegation
  • Using Inheritance and Polymorphism to share commonality
  • IS-A, extends, Inheriting Features, Overriding Methods, Using Polymorphism
  • Class Object
  • Abstract Classes


  • Using Interfaces to Define Types
  • Interfaces and Abstract Classes


  • Exceptions and the Exception Hierarchy
  • try and catch
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Program Flow with Exceptions
  • finally


  • JDBC basics
  • JDBC Architecture
  • Using JDBC drivers & DriverManager
  • Class Connection and connecting to a database
  • Class Statement and executing SQL statements
  • Other statement types
  • Driver types

Java Collections and Generics

  • The Collections Framework and its API
  • Collections and Java Generics
  • Collection, Set, List, Map, Iterator
  • Autoboxing
  • Collections of Object (non-generic)
  • Using ArrayList, HashSet, and HashMap
  • for-each Loop
  • Processing Items With an Iterator
  • More About Generics

The Java Streams Model

  • Delegation-Based Stream Model
  • InputStream and OutputStream
  • Media-Based Streams
  • Filtering Streams
  • Readers and Writers

Working with Files

  • File Class
  • Modeling Files and Directories
  • File Streams
  • Random-Access Files

Advanced Stream Techniques

  • Buffering
  • Data Streams
  • Push-Back Parsing
  • Byte-Array Streams and String Readers and Writers

Java Serialization

  • The Challenge of Object Serialization
  • Serialization API
  • Serializable Interface
  • ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream
  • The Serialization Engine
  • Transient Fields
  • readObject and writeObject
  • Externalizable Interface